Saturday, 15 November 2014

5 Reasons That You Should Switch to Evic Supreme

There are plenty of reasons that you should stop smoking with immediate effect. Having said that we all know that it is harder to do and speak or write about it. Let me provide you with another options why not use a lesser evil and move towards epic supreme. The reason why you should are:
1. It is healthier
evic supreme
Evic Supreme
you are smoking.  One can safely conclude that is will not be good for your body nor your lungs. What you can do instead is use evic supreme which lets you inhale only the vapors than the toxic smoke directly.
This way your body is saved from the direct effects of tar and carbon monoxide. 
2. You are likely to cough less
It is a well-known fact that with time smokers tend to cough more and more. To all those smokers who have just started the activity and think that this is not so with them will be advised to do a little to moderate exercise and realize the state of the lungs that they have reduced to.
Using a vaporizer pen means that you inhale a lot less chemicals which in turn would mean that there is a lesser chance of coughing.
evic supreme

3. The evils of the lighter fluid
What most smokers discount and do not even take into consideration about is that while smoking the traditional way there is the process of lighting it.
What they do not consider is that a lighter uses traditional fossil fuel to light itself up. Though it might seem very little but over the life time this little intoxication aggregates to something massive. 
With the evic pen there is no question of lighting it therefore no question of evils of the lighter fluid.
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4. Smelly rooms:
  This is something which smokers as well as non-smokers are very well aware of. I am talking about the lingering smell of smoke that is left behind long after a smoker has completed his evil act.
The amusing (yet disgusting) thing is that more often than not the smoker concerned is unaware of the mess that he leaves behind as his sense of smell has long been overshadowed by the think and heavy smoke of his choice of addiction.
With a vaporizer pen you can kiss this irritation problem goodbye.

5. It is a cheaper alternative.
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An electronic cigarette or other alternatives are much cheaper in the long run. True that initially you will have to shell out a lot of money to buy the piece of equipment but the longer you use it the cheaper it becomes.
Make no mistake the best solution is to give up smoking altogether that is obviously the most cost effective option of them all.
But if you have to continue with this most evil addiction of yours at least make a more rational choice of keeping the cost and other side effects to a minimum.
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